The Following US Orchestras will not Start the New Season

Slipped Disc. The original article included some inaccuracies about our current status. Correction from Craig Sorgi, Negotiating Committee Chair, below:

Mr. Lebrecht,

My name is Craig Sorgi and I am the Chairman of the San Antonio Symphony Players Association Negotiating Committee.

Perhaps you should have prefaced your post’s title with the words “A Prediction" because without them this post is both inaccurate and inflammatory and is already spreading confusion in the industry.

In fact, we are not currently locked out or on strike and are working toward an agreement. Our season is scheduled to begin the first week of October. If and when we are locked out or go on strike I will be the first to know.

Additionally, we are disputing the recently reported deficit projections as we believe them to be inaccurate and inflated as well.


Craig Sorgi
Chair, SASPA Negotiating Committee